Monday, July 10, 2017

Free Crochet Pattern for a Young Girls Fancy Chemo Cap

Using Lion Brand's Homespun yarn can be so rewarding, and can help you make a lovely hat! I did find myself missing my stitches, but when I got the hang of it I was so pleased with the outcome! There is a photo tutorial on how to get your stitches where you need them to be, to create this fancy but small Chemo cap.

The pattern is being hosted in my Ravelry Shop. Get the PATTERN here.

Here is a description from Lion Brand about their Homespun yarn.
Soft, silky and beautiful! A uniquely textured yarn that works up quickly and easily. From shawls to sweaters to throws, this yarn can't be beat for softness and sheer touch-ability. With solids, heathers, and beautiful self-striping 'painterly' colors, Homespun comes in gorgeous shades you’ll love.

Please note that some colors have long, slow color variations that cause them to subtly stripe. This is deliberate and adds to the beauty of the finished garment; such yarns are designated as our 'painterly' colors. 

Enjoy and I hope you "Keep Creating"!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Messy Bun Hat Follow Up

Well this grandma has been busy since my last post about the Messy Bun Hat. So I thought I should follow up and show you my own Messy Bun Hat designs! Messy Bun Hats are easy, cute and fun!

I started out making a variety of Shell Stitch Messy Bun hats, the patterns will be released at a later date. This design is so versatile and using a variegated yarn with this shell stitch makes a lovely MB Hat!  I love using Lion Brand Landscapes. I think every color palette they offer is a winner!


The shell stitch design is also perfect for creating a school color themed MB Hat! Red and Black...Blue and Gold...just any collegiate or school color combination make a great MB hat.


I also designed a Floating Hearts MB Hat for a Valentine Treat! I do have the pattern ready for this one, and it can be found HERE. The hearts are worked as the hat is crocheted, you will love how much fun this design is to make.

I also designed a matching coffee cozy to match...I just could not resist! You will find the pattern for the cozy HERE

Well of course you know what came next don't you? Shamrocks...St Paddy's day isn't too far behind it seemed fitting to make floating shamrocks that can be crocheted as you work. Yes...the patterns are on Ravelry as well.

I was on a roll...ready to expand this line of Floating Hearts and Shamrocks, and was writing the patterns for a tutu 2nd grandson made his entrance into the world...a little early, but very healthy, to which we are so thankful.

I will release the pattern for this design next January. There is a little info for this tutu dress on my Ravelry page.

I also felt the need to make an old fashioned looking shamrock, and I incorporated it into a cloche, the pattern will be released next January or February of 2018. You can find info on this design here.

I know that was a huge wrap up, but there have been huge things happening at my house. Be sure to check back, as I have so much to catch up my third grandchild!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Let's Show Some Love!!

Yes, this has been done before...but...

I think we need to send some encouragement to this lady whose name is Stacey. The photo of this messy bun hat went viral on Facebook in mid December, and everyone was screaming for the pattern. The lady that designed this, ran out of yarn while making a hat. Then she took a random picture of someone wearing this unfinished hat, and voila!! A new and much needed fashion accessory was born, and messy bun hat!

This concept isn't new, we have all heard of a ponytail hat, but she nailed it with an adorable model wearing a messy bun! SCORE for her! Great job Stacey!

Now that the pattern is written everyone is sending critical comments and opinions on Facebook. Some are leaving harsh comments on Ravelry. I love Ravelry, it is a wonderful place, but hey... I am still learning the ropes over there. It can be complicated.

Wouldn't it be totally wonderful if we could all show her some love on Ravelry. Let's all leave her some encouraging notes in the comments section of her pattern! It doesn't cost you anything to be an encouragement, it will actually make you happier, and that has many benefits. Harsh and discouraging words take so much from all of us. It takes our happiness, and can create bitterness, which in turn can affect our health.

Soooo...if you can drop her an encouraging note...that would be lovely!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Little Boy Blue Crochet Patten

Little boy blue, how sweet! I love this Pattern and the texture. Be looking for the Little Bo Peep set coming soon!


                                             I love how this design looks in gray too!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Sweet Crocheted Vintage Inspired Baby Afghan

Sometimes life can throw you an unexpected curve ball. Our first grandchild was due the first of June. Baby E had other plans though, and he arrived early! That meant that grandma had to hurry up and finish his afghan. The race was on, and I was up to the task. It was finished just in time for his arrival home from the hospital. 


I used the border that Doris Chan has on her All Shawl design. I did leave the picot off, now I wish I had taken the time to add it.
I am looking forward to snuggling with my Baby E...but first I have to get over this nasty cold!


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Indulging in the Braided Cowl

Yes, I indulged. I couldn't help myself. Everyone was making them, and I wanted to make one too. Are they easy you ask? You bet they are. Does it come out looking as good as the pictures I have seen on the internet, you ask? You bet it does.

This is a great design and my thumbprint of approval is on this unique crochet pattern. Of course I love to embellish, so I couldn't help myself as I thought it needed a brooch. My cowl is now complete!


You can find the pattern to this lovely cowl at "My Hobby is Crochet" Just click on this LINK to get there! Have fun!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Youngster's Fuzzy and Fluffy Chemo Cap Made with 6 Weight Yarn

What a lovely Chemo Cap, or just a stylish and warm hat for you! This cap uses a 6 weight of yarn. The yarn of choice is Lion Brands Homespun Thick and Quick, that makes working up this hat a quick venture, and it is so stylish. Add a brooch, fancy cabochon, button, or a vintage piece of jewelry to the turned up brim and you have your own unique design!

Here is what Lion Brand has to say about it's yarn

Make a statement with Homespun® Thick & Quick®. This super-bulky version of our fan-favorite Homespun® yarn works up quickly into richly textured afghans and silky-soft accessories.Made in the USA, this beautiful yarn features both heathers and slowly striping painterly shades, so you’re sure to find the color you love.

Weight Category: 6 -   Super Bulky Weight: Bulky, Roving Yarn
8.00 oz./227 g (160 yd/146 m)
88% Acrylic, 12% Polyester

Youngsters FuzzyChemo Cap

Size 7yr to Adult EX. Small

Lion Brand Homespun Thick and Quick; 88% Acrylic, 12% Polyester - 120 yards

Hook: L –11/8.00mm      Yarn needle for sewing peak into place

Embellishment Supplies: Optional – Lace, buttons, brooches or vintage jewelry to adorn the flap.
Stitch Guide 
join w/ = join with   
SLP ST = Slip Stitch      
CH = Chain     
= Single Crochet  
HDC = Half Double Crochet 
SP = Space
nxt = Next 
st = Stitch      
*  * = Execute sequence between the stars, the number of times stated 
x = Times; example Repeat 2 x or 2 times; 3 x or 3 times and so on
Pattern Notes:
1. Beginning CH 1 & SLP ST’s do not count as a stitch
STOP!!!! PLEASE READ!!!!! Gauge As You Go: There will be measurements at certain stages throughout the pattern. They will be highlighted in green. This system of measurements, will give you an idea if you are on track to achieve the size that you WANT. Not everyone crochets with the same tension. Example, if the beginning circle, which will be the first measurement you come across, is too small, then you can go up a hook size or two, or you can add an increase row if you so desire. If you are finding that the next segment of measurements is too short, you can always add an extra yarn over before pulling through the last sequence of loops that completes the stitch, this will give your stitches more height. Some crochet artists can achieve gauge horizontally, but not in height. One other option is add an extra row if you would like. There are so many ways to achieve the size you want, with “GAUGE AS YOU GO” This system will also allow you to change yarns… Most yarns have a slightly different gauge, and this system will help you see if the yarn is going to make it a good fit.
CH 3, join in ring, or use magic circle

Round 1: CH1; 10 HDC in ring, join w/SLP ST to beg. HDC
Crocheting with this super squishy, soft and fuzzy yarn can be a challenge. Notice in pic 1 you cannot readily count the stitches, and it can be hard to find where you should put your next stitch. I like to use my fingers to help me along. Notice where my thumb is, I am poking with my ring finger, from the back, to open the hole and make it noticeable. So go slow…poke around with your fingers and count as you go.  Since it is so hard to see the individual stitches, when it is time to join, feel for the post of the first HDC. Pic 2 is showing where I have found the post, and placed a finger on either side of the post. The two loops that are slanting down on the right side of the post (where the black arrow is) will be where you will join. Pic 3 is showing the hook being inserted under the two loops, preparing for the join. TIP 1: Holding a piece of white paper in your lap while you crochet with this squishy and fuzzy yarn can help you to see your stitches. TIP 2: Place markers at increases, advice from 1 of my testers.


Round 2: CH 1; 2HDC in each ST around; join w/SLP ST to beg. HDC (20 HDC)

Round 3: CH 1; HDC in joining st, 2HDC in nxt st; * HDC in nxt st, 2 HDC in nxt st* 9x; join w/SLP ST to beg. HDC (30 HDC)
Round 4: CH 1; HDC in joining st; HDC in nxt st (3x), 2HDC in nxt st; * HDC in nxt st 4x, 2 HDC in nxt st* 5x; join w/SLP ST to beg.HDC (36 HDC) NOTE: This pattern is written for those who have lost their hair due to chemo or other medical conditions. If you would like a bigger hat, just add an increase round right here or follow the instructions for “Adult size Chemo cap” found in my Ravelry Store as a free download You can also find it here on my blog


 Diameter = 6.5”

Round 5– 11: HDC in joining st, and in each st around; join w/SLP ST to beg. HDC (36HDC)
Total measurement from crown to Round 11 =8” - 8 ½”

Round 12: CH 1, SC in joining st, and in each st around; join w/SLP ST to beg. SC (36 SC)

Round 13: CH1, SC in joining st, SC in nxt st (4x), 2 SC in nxt st; *SC in nxt st (5x), 2 SC in nxt st;* 5x; join w/SLP ST to beg. SC
(42 SC)

Round 14: CH 1, SC in joining st, and in each st around; join w/SLP ST to beg. SC (42 SC)
NOTE: If you would like to make a basic beanie, end off after this round
Follow instructions below, to make this hat with a turned up brim Scroll down to find the peaked brim instructions found at the bottom of the pattern.

Round 15: Turn, CH1 SC in Back Loop Only BLO, around Note: This was the front loop, before you turned (42 SC)

Round 16 –21: CH 1, SC in joining st, and in each st around; join w/SLP ST to beg. SC (42 SC) End off at the end of round 21, weave in ends. Turn the brim up, and sew on a pretty button, or pin a brooch in place. (If you would like a wider brim, just add more rounds.)
Finishing measurements = 8 ½”- 9” crown to brim; 9 ½” – 10” across the folded hat;  20”- 21” circumference

Follow instructions below, to make this hat with a peaked brim
Round 15: Turn, CH 1 SC in Back Loop Only BLO, around; join w/SLP ST to beg. SC.  Note: This was the front loop, before you turned (42 SC)
The next rows will make the peak. Work the amount of stitches stated, and leave the rest of the stitches unworked, it will create a rough edge, but the edging round will smooth out the bumps.
Round 16: CH 1;  HDC in nxt st (18x); (18 HDC)

Round 17: TURN; SLP ST; Skp 1 st, SC in nxt st (14x);  (14 SC)

Round18: TURN;  SLP ST; Skp 1 st, SC in nxt st (10x);  (10 SC)

Round 19: TURN;  SLP ST; Skp 1 st, SC in nxt st(6x);  (6 SC)

Round 20: Edging round: Turn, SC across the peak, and down the slope, smoothing out the bumps. When you get to the base of the brim, continue to SC in each st, until you reach the opposite slope of the peak. Continue to SC up the slope, smoothing out the rough edges; SLP ST in the 1st SC made at beg. of this round. End off leaving a tail to sew the peak to the side of the hat.
Finishing measurements = 8 ½”- 9” crown to brim; 9 ½” – 10” across the folded hat;  20”- 21” circumference

This pattern is protected by copyright© KrissysWonders© 2016. Do not sell, alter or redistribute this pattern in any way or form. You have my permission to sell your finished product, but you are responsible for the finished product. Please give credit and link back to me if selling your finished product online. Thank you!!